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3rd Classes: Research & Speculations

We can spend hours and hours and hours conjecturing and surmising what the 3rd classes will be like. People will think … why do the hell do you do that? I mean, you don’t know what to expect. You don’t know anything. Well, we don’t work for Gravity, but we have some information and based on the names we can make some, let’s call it "research." So far this is ...

Iris WoE Report: [ March ’08 ]

Spring is in the air, and with a few changes as well as the consistent fights, Iris is certainly evolving. In this report, we will address a wide variety of newsworthy topics and their impact on overall dynamic in this small hub of ours: first, how MENS and SPAM are beginning to counterbalance one another; second, how smaller guilds are able to reap the benefits of this stalemate; ...

WI-FI Exclusive Interview: Navy

WI-FI Press Corp : Hi, Navy. Thanks for joining us today. Navy : Hello there. WI-FI : Today we are interviewing Navy, the leader of Holy Guardians. As many of us know, Holy Guardians was created at the dawn of Iris. What motivated you to become a guild leader? Navy : Well, I had started a guild on Loki without much success. When I moved to Iris, I figured it would ...

St. Patrick’s Day Event

It was that time of year again, when our good old friend O'Riley had some problems with his gold. This year he hid his gold so the snakes couldn't find it, but it seemed like he hid it too well because he couldn't open the hiding place anymore. That's why we had to help him out. Once we used some firecrackers to bust out the treasure to bring back ...

Lord of the Dead and Hydrolancer

During the first few months of Iris, most players were still considered to be 'noob' by the standards of the more mature servers; People lacked good gears, overupgrades, and high level characters. For the few of those in the upper tier, they took advantage of their power to abuse a certain MVP for farming quick experience and valuable drops. With the right equipment and classes, it was possible for ...

Ask Iris: What do you like most about Iris and why?

Charisma: The smaller population, and less lag. Pirote: not crowded Bright Harvest: i like iris cuz its a small community.. most ppl know each other/ok Musical Spartan: umm... less crowded leveling areas? :< Tiptup: The community, but everyone left. nephelee: variety of diff nationalities sometimes Himehiko: LordSage is hawt

Hugel: The Forgotten City

We wind, we wind the web of spears, Follow our king to fierce battle Men will see shields shattered and bloody Where Gondul and Gunn guarded the thane Episode 10.4 brought to us the returning of the Valkyries. The discovery of a new village in the north of the Rune-Midgards, the forgotten city of Hugel. A festive rural fishing village that has grown apart from the other Schwarzwald cities. Unfortunately, this town ...


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